Making fish for all

Cod, haddock, pollock, salmon and more. At Young’s, we love it all. And we understand how it keeps our bodies healthy and brain at its best. We’re on a mission to create a nation of fish lovers who feel inspired to make it part of their diet. And we’re glad to say the government support this too! Their advice is to eat two portions of seafood a week, one of which is oily fish.

Fish is packed with natural goodness, it’s…

A great source of protein

High in Omega 3
(if it’s an oily fish!)

Full of essential vitamins & minerals

This means healthy hearts, minds and bodies!

That’s why we make fish for all

From frozen lemon and herb basa fillets for dining in, to fresh salmon fillets for the nation’s leading supermarkets, from Young’s Chip Shop range for a Friday treat to fancy fishcakes for the catering industry, we’ve got something for everyone and every occasion.