‘Fish’ is often a staple item on school menus, however school caterers have a multitude of choices when it comes to making their purchasing decisions.

The best piece of advice we can give is to make sure you buy your fish in the correct format for your needs. Whether that’s cook from frozen to create a quick and simple meal solution or individually quick frozen (IQF) portions to avoid waste when creating home-made recipes, Young’s has the available solutions.

Being mindful of where the fish originated is essential. At Young’s we use a proportion of our fish from Alaska. Alaska pollock is naturally high in many essential vitamins as well as being a source of Omega 3 which, amongst other health benefits is proven to strengthen the immune system. In addition to tasting great, Alaska pollock is sustainably fished in MSC or equivalent certified fisheries, so you can be certain that seafood stocks will continue to be preserved for future generations.

Allergens should also be an important consideration on a school menu in addition to obvious factors such as taste, texture and consistency. To cater for this Young’s has introduced a range of products that are free from wheat, gluten and milk and which have never been fried in manufacture. These include Young’s Ultimate Fishcakes and Ultimate Fish Fingers.

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