Despite the requirement for all schools to include oily fish on their menus at least once every three weeks, this can prove to be a difficult task for school caterers, as many children are adverse to the stronger taste that oily fish can sometimes represent.

Innovative products such as our Young’s Mak ‘n’ Cheese Mini Fishcakes have been developed especially to help school caterers overcome this problem, increasing the appeal of oily fish with school children.

Our mini fishcakes are filled with mackerel, MSC Alaska pollock and a delicious vintage cheddar, which creates an enticing flavour children will enjoy, helping to mask the often strong flavour associated with oily fish. They also have a traditional breadcrumb making them a tasty and unique school meal option.

Each mini fishcake is the perfect size for smaller appetites, and they provide a source of Omega 3, which offers many health benefits. As they are frozen, they have the added bonus of helping school caterers with last minute menu planning and correct portionability.