We look at the latest products, packaging and trends in the ever-competitive hot and cold, grab-and-go arena and ask how best to serve up great customer service alongside maximum efficiency.

“Changes in consumer behaviour have led to the growth of the food-to-go market, particularly in recent months where the pandemic has meant customers have had to reduce the amount of time they spend in public places. This growth in demand for such items has led many outlets to expand their grab and go menus with delicious and convenient options.

Of course, when producing grab and go menus, speed of service and quality of products is always a top priority. Designed with convenience and speed in mind, the Young’s Foodservice portfolio allows caterers to create delicious grab-n-go-options with ease. This is thanks to the fact that all products in the range can be cooked straight from frozen in a matter of minutes, therefore significantly reducing cooking and preparation times.

From tasty tacos and flavoursome wraps, right through to salad bowls and sandwiches, the variety of grab and go options that caterers can create with the help of Young’s Foodservice is well and truly endless! Our Jumbo-sized Wild Alaska Pollock fillet fish fingers are coated in a golden bubbly batter and can be served in a sandwich, soft sub roll, or flatbread with salad leaves, juicy gherkins and herby tartare sauce for a ‘grown-up’ take on this classic combination. 

Equally, burgers are a convenient and tempting option for many, but it is important to offer alternative proteins on modern menus which is why Young’s Quarter Pounder is such a great choice. Whether you keep things traditional with tartare sauce or spice things up with a Katsu curry sauce and crunchy slaw, Young’s Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish is the ideal protein to complement various toppings and flavours. Offering different variations is the best way to make menus more appealing and ensure they keep up with the grab and go competition!”

Joel Carr, Development Chef at Young’s Foodservice

For further information on Young’s Foodservice and recipe inspiration, please visit www.youngsfoodservice.co.uk.