From premium lobster halves to more straightforward options such as the nation’s favourite salmon steaks, there’s an ocean full of choice for operators considering their seafood menus. So how do you make plain sailing of some of the issues around seasonality, sustainability and sourcing to deliver fantastic fish dishes?

“As well as helping with menu planning, reducing waste and improving portion control, using frozen seafood also means that caterers can offer a wider variety of species on menus year-round without comprising on quality. As such, the Young’s Foodservice portfolio is the best way to inspire menus.  

We are proud of our extensive portfolio of products developed specifically for foodservice – from luxury products such as smoked salmon and natural fillets, through to traditional favourites, including our Chip Shop Battered Fillets, fish fingers, fishcakes and Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish burger. Young’s Foodservice has everything caterers need to create a varied and on-trend menu that appeals to all customers. There are many traditional fish dishes that should always feature on menus, but caterers can also experiment with seafood to deliver the latest trends and widen the horizons of their customers.

There are many frozen species available that caterers might not have utilised on menus previously. For example, Young’s Hake has a firm, meaty texture and delicate flavour, whilst Wild Alaska Pollock fillets have a milder, more delicate taste and softer texture. Both of these can be served in so many ways. Why not try a White Fish Chorizo Cassoulet with cannellini beans, vegetables and chorizo, served with warm crusty bread?

Another way in which caterers can spice up their menus, is by adding an international flair to traditional favourites, such as Fish & Chips. Young’s MSC Chip Shop Wild Alaska Pollock Fillets are a great example of how versatile one product can be, and can be served with Katsu curry sauce, chunky chips and edamame bean and pea crunch for a new take on this classic dish – delicious! The Chip Shop Battered Fillets are also a quick and convenient alternative to battering in house and can be deep fried, shallow fried or oven baked straight from frozen to suit every caterers’ requirements and resources. 

As well as variety, sustainability is also in demand when it comes to seafood. In recent years, chefs and caterers have been considering the sustainability of the seafood they are serving much more and promoting this on menus. Young’s Foodservice shares a passion in helping caterers deliver delicious seafood to all customers and we’re dedicated to doing this in a responsible manner that protects our industry and the environment. As specialists in seafood for over 200 years, our award-winning Fish for Life programme ensures that responsible sourcing is at the heart of everything we do so that our customers can deliver the best quality on their menus.”

Joel Carr, Development Chef at Young’s Foodservice

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