“When restrictions ease and we approach spring and summer, customers will be looking forward to enjoying their favourite dishes at pubs and restaurants once again. Nothing says ‘British summer’ quite like Fish & Chips, so it’s important to achieve the right balance of tradition and innovation on menus to impress all customers. 

As simple as bubbly golden batter and fluffy-centred chunky chips may seem, there are many things for caterers to consider when serving this iconic dish. Whether it’s as simple as serving with an on-trend Katsu curry sauce, adding mint to mushy peas, or even offering chips that are salted with seaweed, there are many ways in which caterers can update this timeless dish. Moving away from traditional can give Fish & Chips a new lease of life and intrigue customers who are looking for something more adventurous. Caterers must adapt to changing trends and offer modern menus to appeal to a wider audience. 

However you choose to adapt the dish, one thing that rarely changes is the traditional Chip Shop-style fish fillets coated in bubbly batter. Young’s range of Chip Shop fillets is the easiest way to deliver the taste of the nation’s favourite chippy in no time at all. The Chip Shop Battered Fillets are coated in Young’s signature, Chip Shop bubbly batter and are a quick and convenient alternative to battering in-house. 

It is also important to consider serving difference sizes and varieties to ensure you’re appealing to all customers.  Some customers might want a light lunch time bite instead of a large and filling portion which is why Young’s range of Chip Shop Fillets has various options to suit all menus and appetites. As well as being available in a selection of species (Wild Alaska Pollock, Haddock, Cod), our MSC certified Chip Shop Battered Fillets are available in small, medium and large.”

Joel Carr, Development Chef at Young’s Foodservice.

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