Young’s Foodservice has launched the first rope-grown Mussels, sourced from the Irish waters of Bantry Bay, into their range. The mussels themselves are organic and perfect for summer menus in restaurants, hotels and pubs. They take just 4 minutes to microwave from frozen, to deliver an impressive seafood delicacy in no time at all.

The mussels come in a classic white wine, garlic and cream sauce which perfectly enhances their mild flavour. Mussels can be the perfect starter or main course, depending on portion size, and are ideal served with hand-cut bread and butter, or in a European style with a bowl of frites.

High in protein, low in fat and a source of Omega 3, mussels are also one of the most sustainable types of shellfish available. As with the entire Young’s Foodservice portfolio, the Bantry Bay Mussels are sustainably sourced in accordance with Young’s market-leading Fish for Life programme.

Joel Carr, Foodservice Development Chef at Young’s Foodservice is delighted to extend the company’s range of shellfish and further develop Young’s presence within the profit sector:

“Treasures of the shellfish world, mussels are a timeless classic on menus and loved by chefs and consumers alike. We are delighted to introduce mussels into our foodservice portfolio for the very first time. They are delicious, affordable and simple to cook, but are sure to leave a lasting impression. Known for their exceptional quality and flavour, the mussels are freshly harvested from the shores of Bantry Bay and then frozen to retain the natural juices inside the shell for an amazing flavour every time.”

 The Bantry Bay Mussels are available in cases of 10 x 500g.