Frozen Food provides caterers with many benefits and it is no wonder it is utilized on menus throughout the foodservice industry. In busy foodservice kitchens, it’s crucial to have products to hand that do not compromise on quality, yet reduce the risk of wastage – frozen seafood does exactly that.  It also provides consistent portion control and allows caterers to bulk buy more efficiently. Thanks to the introduction of micro-misting and more powerful and rapid deep freeze technologies at lower temperatures, the process captures the seafood at pristine quality. This breakthrough now allows our customers to buy seafood that is frozen mere hours after being harvested. Therefore, in many cases frozen seafood can in fact be fresher and in better condition.

With Brits becoming increasingly concerned around their red meat consumption, it is even more crucial that outlets offer plenty of protein-packed, nutritious alternatives on menus. Young’s frozen fish locks in the vitamins and minerals and can be used in a variety of different dishes. From fish finger sandwiches and Crispy Fish Fillet burgers to a whole host of natural fillets and fish mixes, the Young’s Foodservice portfolio has everything cost sector caterers need to create varied menus full of everyone’s seafood favourites! What’s more, Young’s also have non-fried products, oily fish solutions, gluten free alternatives and MSC certified choices to suit every customer’s individual need. The entire Young’s Foodservice portfolio has been developed and frozen to provide the stability and consistency demanded by the professional kitchen.  As such, they can be cooked straight from frozen to yield the best results.

Not only does frozen seafood deliver on taste and convenience, but it is also more sustainably savvy because it decreases waste and spreads the seasonal availability of certain species throughout the year. Likewise, our award-winning Fish for Life programme helps protect the future of our fish by employing sustainable practices from the very first catch. We have close partnerships with all our suppliers, so we know exactly where our fish come from, how it’s caught and who’s caught it. This ensures all our products meet our high-quality standards every step of the way, so that our customers can confidently deliver only the best.