Street food is still as popular as ever with a far greater choice now available. Providing a delicious mix of diced MSC Wild Pink Salmon & Alaskan Pollock, sourced from the cool, clean waters of Alaska, Young’s Pink Salmon & Alaska Pollock Pieces is an excellent ingredient for tapping into current trends and provides caterers with a reliable starting point to a whole host of recipes. Featuring Individually Quick Frozen pieces that help to improve portion-control and reduce waste, the mix is perfect for a range of on trend street food dishes. Why not utilize the mix to create Thai style naked fishcakes or zingy and colourful noodle ramens with delicious ingredients such as soy sauce, coriander and chilli scattered over? Noodle dishes are great in take away containers and can be eaten on the move which is beneficial for busy students.

Tacos and tortillas are particularly versatile and a great vehicle for different toppings and fillings. Fish tacos, for example, are becoming more popular in today’s street food offering and can be whipped up in no time with Young’s Wild Pink Salmon & Alaskan Pollock pieces. All traditional accompaniments, such as salsa, guacamole and sour cream along with a tangy cabbage slaw or pickled red cabbage, make for a fresh and fragrant dish that customers will love.

By choosing products from Young’s Foodservice, caterers can be reassured that they will deliver on quality and taste whilst being sustainably sourced. Young’s has been perfecting the art of taking the best fish and creating delicious fish dishes for over 200 years. Our award-winning Fish for Life programme helps protect the future of our fish by employing sustainable practices from the very first catch. We have close partnerships with all our suppliers, so we know exactly where our fish come from, how it’s caught and who’s caught it. This ensures all our products meet our high-quality standards every step of the way and caterers can confidently promote these benefits on their menu.