Lighter dishes full of delicious flavours and seasonal ingredients are often the favoured choice of many consumers in the New Year. Salmon Fillets are a versatile addition to menus since they work across multiple dishes, flavour profiles and are suited to different cooking methods.  Our Skinless and Boneless Scottish Salmon Fillets are ideal for oven baking when brushed with a little olive oil or poached to lock in moisture and achieve a tender, flaky texture. If not serving as a whole fillet, we like to throw ours into seasonal salads, kedgerees and pastas or transform into burgers, tacos and fishcakes.

Alternatively, the Skin On Norwegian Salmon Fillets are great for pan-frying to achieve a delicious crispy skin for layered textures. Quick to cook and great value, we like ours paired with a well balanced salty-sweet miso and honey sauce finished with spring onions and sesame seeds and served with charred pak choi and broccolini.

Designed with the casual dining sector in mind, both Salmon fillets offer chefs and caterers a quality ready portioned product that can be cooked straight from the freezer. What’s more, the fillets are individually vacuum packed which assures the quality and freshness is preserved.

Salmon is perfectly complementary to many different ingredients and is great for chefs looking to be creative with their menu. A proclaimed Superfood, Salmon is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids which are particularly beneficial to maintain healthy heart, brain and joint function.

Adrian Greaves, Foodservice Director at Young’s Foodservice says:

“Lighter dishes are always a popular choice with diners therefore, creating some stand out combinations with quality ingredients is important for operators who want to attract a wide selection of diners. Young’s range of salmon fillets are the perfect solution, offering both a fantastic source of protein and delicious flavour to a variety of satisfying dishes which can be as simple or complex as the chef likes.”

Young’s Scottish Skinless and Boneless Salmon Fillets are available in cases of 10 x 170-200g and the Skin On Norwegian Salmon Fillets are available in cases of 20 x 140-170g.