Say hello to ‘The Youngsters’ – a panel of mini chefs and food critics! Their mission… to create tasty and exciting Chip Shop meal ideas, suitable for children’s menus in pubs, restaurants and hotels – for kids, by kids!

The Youngsters, with the help of Young’s Head Development Chef, Serge, have developed their favourite Chip Shop meal ideas. Each recipe is not only super tasty, but has also been given the seal of approval by child nutritionist, Dr Sarah Schneker. She has ensured that not only are these meals loved by children across the country, but they’re good for them too!

When eating out of home, parents are often faced with the challenge of allowing their children to choose the meals that they enjoy, but that also offer the nutritional value that they need. With the help of ‘The Youngsters’ panel, our aim is to create recipes that tick all the right boxes! Each recipe has been specifically developed with chefs in mind for inclusion on children’s menus. With the help of nutritionist Dr. Sarah Schenker, the campaign reassures parents that the dishes are healthy and balanced, while ensuring big smiles and empty plates, every time.

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