Young’s newly appointed fish and chip taster, Mat Ombler, has devised a formula for serving fish and chips out of home. The equation, (F+S+V)/C±MP has been created to highlight the optimum way in which to present the UK’s favourite take away and to help ensure that the
delicious taste of the fish remains prominent to the very end.

The equation which could not be simpler basically breaks down as – (F)ish, plus (S)alt, plus (V)inegar, over (C)hips, plus or minus (M)ushy (P)eas. As Mat explains, the equation is designed to keep the flavour of the fish from the first to the last bite:
“In my view the fish should always be placed centrally on top of the chips before it is covered with both salt and vinegar. By doing so customers will be drawn to eat the fish first, but as they do, delicious flakes of fish and small pieces of batter will fall onto and in between the chips to ensure the delicious taste of the fish remains throughout. It is completely up to the customer whether they add mushy peas, but for me it is essential.”

Mat was recently appointed Young’s official Fish & Chip Taster after beating hundreds of other wannabe applicants to the highly sought-after position. Born and bred in Hull, Mat describes himself as a self-confessed ‘foodie’ and the UK’s biggest Fish & Chip fan. After being confirmed in the role, Mat enthused:
“I love eating Fish & Chips whether it is from the chippie, or cooked at home. I hope my work will inspire others to tuck into the nation’s favourite dish and get the same enjoyment as I ultimately do.”